Zoe and Morgan

Cult jewellery designers with studios in London, New Zealand and Bali.

From 2007 - 2011 I defined tone of voice for the brand and crafted online copy and seasonal press releases.
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Designer siblings Zoe and Morgan continue the legacy of their father, Douglas Sibbald, the ‘Silver Fox’, a skilled jewellery designer who started out in Ibiza, before moving to England and then New Zealand. His workshop known as Moonbird, was a place where Zoe, Ruth and Morgan watched the process of jewellery making from start to finish: sparkling materials, careful combinations, the delicate work of assembly and then the final piece, heavy and wondrous in their small hands.

Led by their father and their mother, Anna, they ventured from England to New Zealand by boat, via Jamaica, Panama and Tahiti, also spending time in Japan and always in pursuit of exotic gems and textiles. To this day, the search continues.

Zoe first worked in millenary, Morgan in music and Ruth in the modelling industry - but their shared history was alive and kicking. After travelling to India, Morgan returned with a pocket full of precious stones and showed his finds to Zoe. Intrigued by the different quality and colour combinations of these treasures, their collaboration began to take shape. In the blink of an eye, Zoe and Morgan had begun.