Meat Magazine

Words written a while back for Meat Magazine - an independently-published bi-monthly magazine showcasing new art and writing talent.

'Hold a photograph of yourself. It’s a moment locked in time. In this one picture is a place you cannot return to and an unknown future that now lives and breathes.
Sit still, eyes closed, surrounded by sound. Music pours in, filling you from your toes to your shoulders until it possibly spills from your eyes.
Read a single line that clarifies your silent perspective and encourages you to live fearlessly.
Unlike a book or a painting or a record, film does not ask you to use your imagination. Cinema creates a vital, four dimensional world: the three planes of space – length, breadth, thickness – and the fourth, duration, being time. Nothing is withheld and a moving image exists in front of your eyes, as much a concept of lives lived as it is the detail or the mis-en-scene. The camera is a window into another configuration of these four dimensions.
Whether it is a single second or a sweep across the arc of our otherwise unstoppable clock, narrative through film is a reflection of our own internal world. We respond to this world directly, personally and silently.
Film is the paradox that life is transient and visceral all at once. It is this fourth dimension that we invest with feeling – the dimension of gain and loss, the movement of time. We may tell time again. Film is a chance to articulate the perplexing gap between the picture of yourself in your hand, all the feelings in between, and ultimately the hand attached to the same, but different, you.'