Tigerframe is Australian Jewellery Designer, Komala Frame. I created tone of voice and copy for her website.

Komala Frame has a story behind her eyes. Look closer and you’ll see it, burning bright.
She was born on top of a mountain in New South Wales and raised in the rainforest. When she was seven years old her family travelled across Europe in a green kombi van. At sixteen she found herself alone in the Amazon and ventured deep into the jungle without fear.
Komala dives in at the deep end of life and swims back to shore with the precious gem of creativity and it’s present in every piece of jewellery she makes. When you wear her rings and her chains, you’re part of it too.
At seventeen she lived in London and Berlin, later Bali and Amsterdam. She worked in handbag design, performance art, the theatre and the circus. She wandered, she discovered and she soaked it all up.
Finally Komala’s own designs burst into life in 2005 with her debut collection and it’s the memory of this leap into the unknown that she’s embracing again in 2011. The next collection will surprise and enchant, a freeform experiment in colour, shape and line.