Larissa Hadjio is an artist and accessory designer with studios in Los Angeles, London, Berlin and Bali. I have been crafting tone of voice, web copy and press releases since launch in 2011.

In a market saturated with clichés of femininity, Larissa Hadjio sets a gorgeous new tone...

The MAY+SASA collection features premium luxe bags, inspired by the wilderness and expertly crafted. In Larissa’s own words, 'it’s about wearing something that fits your character, rather than buying a bag that already speaks for itself.

Designer Larissa Hadijo grew up in South Germany, spent time in Argentina and Panama, studied Fine Art at Central St Martins and has been living and working in London ever since.

Initial ideas for MAY+SASA came from collaboration with designer May Georgia. Developed using a special 3D pattern making technique Larissa lists influences such as Bless and Fischli & Weiss, but she’s defiantly on her own track, ‘my interest lies in deconstructing and rebuilding’. It’s this process of experimentation, call it magic and accident, that her work is defined by.